5 Blackburn Avenue

Ottawa, ON

This was a 130 year old Heritage building in bad need of upgrading. This was the former home of Heritage Canada. As space becomes available we are renovating while working with the Heritage Council of Ontario to stay true to their restrictions. The building is now air conditioned and wonderfully restored and built to suit the new owners requirements. Next we take on the Basement….

Contract Type: Construction Management

Consultant: Dreessem Architects

Various Budget: $1,000,000

During the past seven years, I have impressed by the attitude, workmanship, expediency, and overall level of service consistently provided by the Dolyn staff and the various sub-contractors whose services they engage; in fact, CHEO does business on an on-going basis with several of the sub-contractors that Dolyn Developments has introduced to the Hospital.
As an organization, Dolyn Developments has consistently been able to respond to the Hospital's requests for service, the Dolyn staff have a good understanding of the special dust and infection control demands of carrying out renovations within a Hospital setting and have demonstrated the ability to bring the necessary resources to a project to meet tight deadlines.

G.C. Brown P.Eng.
Director of Physical Plant