Adeptron - 1402 Startop Road

Ottawa, ON

Prestec Electronics, a tenant of Merkburn Holdings Ltd., retained Dolyn to design and build this substantial addition and renovation. It turned out to be a very impressive high tech manufacturing facility.

Contract Type: Design Build/Construction Management

Consultant: Tadeus Baran Architect

Budget: $3,150,000

During the past seven years, I have impressed by the attitude, workmanship, expediency, and overall level of service consistently provided by the Dolyn staff and the various sub-contractors whose services they engage; in fact, CHEO does business on an on-going basis with several of the sub-contractors that Dolyn Developments has introduced to the Hospital.
As an organization, Dolyn Developments has consistently been able to respond to the Hospital's requests for service, the Dolyn staff have a good understanding of the special dust and infection control demands of carrying out renovations within a Hospital setting and have demonstrated the ability to bring the necessary resources to a project to meet tight deadlines.

G.C. Brown P.Eng.
Director of Physical Plant