Dolyn constructs plazas, stand-alone commercial pad-buildings for banks, restaurants and other retail...

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We have constructed manufacturing facilities and hi-tech labs typical to Kanata's Hi-Tech Sector.

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We routinely work with School Boards, Universities, and Colleges, and have addressed everything...

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During the past seven years, I have impressed by the attitude, workmanship, expediency, and overall level of service consistently provided by the Dolyn staff and the various sub-contractors whose services they engage; in fact, CHEO does business on an on-going basis with several of the sub-contractors that Dolyn Developments has introduced to the Hospital.
As an organization, Dolyn Developments has consistently been able to respond to the Hospital's requests for service, the Dolyn staff have a good understanding of the special dust and infection control demands of carrying out renovations within a Hospital setting and have demonstrated the ability to bring the necessary resources to a project to meet tight deadlines.

G.C. Brown P.Eng.
Director of Physical Plant

Welcome To Dolyn Developments Inc.

Our 30 years of experience in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional projects has set us amongst the most stable and reliable ICI contractors in the City of Ottawa.

We procure our clients projects through Lump Sum General Contracts, Construction Management and Design Build. We are very diverse in our abilities and are of particular value to our clients who involve us early on in their project's design development. We feel that among our best attributes is our adeptness at budgeting and participating in the design process to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

We are very familiar with the City's process of procurement and are called on routinely to help expedite it.

Dolyn is proud to be a member of the following organizations: